Holiday GOALZ … Take a Minute to Focus on January

Many of us look for a “Holiday Survival Guide” or a “How to” for the holidays. We all know how easy it is for the wheels to roll right off the bus, blow our diets, ruin our sleep schedules, and feel guilty for eating all those traditional treats. 

Nothing is normal during the holidays. All the joy, celebrations, eating, traditions, conflict, sadness, depression, frenzy, disappointment, family times, and drinking create havoc in healthy habits.

Here’s a quick pro tip to create a peaceful, JOYOUS holiday season:

Start with the end in mind.

Take time to create your January 2nd vision. 

  • How do you feel? How do your clothes fit?
  • What have you done and where have you gone that had you feel fulfilled? 
  • Are you 10 pounds up but totally happy with all the specialty foods you splurged on? Would 15 pounds up still be ok? 
  • Are you sleep-deprived but reflecting on a wondrous travel schedule? 
  • Did you totally break your habit of going to the gym and have to start again? Is that ok with you? Perhaps dropping down to 2 workouts a week is ok but totally losing your habit is over the line? 

Once you create how you are willing to end up in January, set your plan for what strategies you will use to get there through the holidays.

*BONUS* Create three versions: one holiday result that you would NOT be ok with, one holiday result that you could LIVE WITH, and one holiday result that would qualify as BEST HOLIDAY EVER!

**SUPER EXTRA BONUS** Keep your January 2 vision close! Record a voice memo describing your vision and listen to it daily, write it up and post it, or choose an item that symbolizes your vision and keep it in your pocket! Get creative!

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