Podcast: Atomic Habits

“Atomic Habits“ by James Clear is the basis for this entertaining and informative podcast with Amy and Fran. Join them as they talk about their own habits (good and bad) and how they use the information in the book to create better habits in their own lives. You will be blown away by how powerful it can be to... Continue Reading →

Shall We Meander?

When I go out on a trail run, I plan my route beforehand and, unless there is something monstrous blocking my path, I stay on my route. This makes sense to me - I know where I’m going, I know how far I am going, and I don’t need to stop along the way for... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Atiba Johnson

Join Amy and Fran as they talk with the incredible Atiba Johnson. This man has followed his heart and his vision of what Wilmington and all of its residents can be, and has brought hope, connection, health, and community to many who are historically underserved in the Wilmington area. Through his multiple businesses, including Front Street Market and the OOPS Foundation, Atiba has utilized... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Food Deserts

In this episode, Amy and Fran explore the topic of food deserts in NC. They define exactly what a food desert is and discuss the far-reaching impacts of food deserts on the health of the community. Not only does the lack of fresh food negatively impact the physical health of the people living in a food desert, but it has... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Michelle Gallagher

Join Amy and Fran as they talk with Michelle Gallagher about her incredible story of creating meaning and strength through the tragic loss of her brother. Michelle embodies her message of honoring our bodies and all that they tell us. She is an exceptional woman, life coach, personal trainer, makeup artist, and overall human being! Follow... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Katrina Belmont

Join Fran and Amy as they talk with Katrina Belmont, LCAS, LCMHC. Not only does Katrina have over 15 years of experience as a mental health practitioner (Resilence Therapy), but she has just opened a wellness studio as well (C7 Fitness Studio)! As the discussion weaves its way through all aspects of health, you will learn how Katrina has created... Continue Reading →

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