April Showers Bring the Tax Man!

We often jump to start a new healthy habit but don't think about the cost of achieving it--the health "taxes" we have to pay in order to be able to change our lifestyle. This tax day, take a look at the lifestyle changes you want to start and what they will cost you; this way you can decide what changes are worth making and be able to implement them more effectively!

Podcast: Atomic Habits

“Atomic Habits“ by James Clear is the basis for this entertaining and informative podcast with Amy and Fran. Join them as they talk about their own habits (good and bad) and how they use the information in the book to create better habits in their own lives. You will be blown away by how powerful it can be to... Continue Reading →

Shall We Meander?

When I go out on a trail run, I plan my route beforehand and, unless there is something monstrous blocking my path, I stay on my route. This makes sense to me - I know where I’m going, I know how far I am going, and I don’t need to stop along the way for... Continue Reading →

The Big Three

I was at the gym recently when a fellow gym-goer looked at me, exhausted, and said, “Man, I just don’t know what’s up with me. That workout felt so tough today.” Ever have one of those days? It’s like the bar is actually packed with more weight than you thought you put on or the... Continue Reading →

Make Time For Intentional Connection

Life moves fast and is full of distractions. You ask your spouse a question and they don’t look up from their phone to answer. You say something to your child and they don’t answer because they can’t hear you through the headphones. You try to connect with a friend and need to schedule a lunch... Continue Reading →

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