Drink Up!

Our bodies need water to function properly. In fact, we should drink half of our body weight in ounces every day and add 20-40 ounces if we work out during the day. Starting the day with 12 to 16 ounces of water is a great way to set your body and brain up for success.... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Atiba Johnson

Join Amy and Fran as they talk with the incredible Atiba Johnson. This man has followed his heart and his vision of what Wilmington and all of its residents can be, and has brought hope, connection, health, and community to many who are historically underserved in the Wilmington area. Through his multiple businesses, including Front Street Market and the OOPS Foundation, Atiba has utilized... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Food Deserts

In this episode, Amy and Fran explore the topic of food deserts in NC. They define exactly what a food desert is and discuss the far-reaching impacts of food deserts on the health of the community. Not only does the lack of fresh food negatively impact the physical health of the people living in a food desert, but it has... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Optimizing Vitality and Longevity with Dr. Elizabeth Beadle

Join Creating Wellness host Fran Paradine as she discusses with Dr. Elizabeth Beadle about her methods of optimizing vitality and longevity. This is episode is sponsored by Incredible Edibles in Hickory, NC. Since 1994, Dr. Elizabeth Beadle has practiced both chiropractic and acupuncture. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences from Queen’s University in Kingston,... Continue Reading →

Baby Steps – Hydration!

We are all somewhere on our health journey. Some people have been taking care of their bodies for years, some are just getting started, and some are unsure of how to get started. I have found that making 1-2 small, sustainable changes at a time works best for me and, really,  for most people.  The... Continue Reading →

Change Is Hard

When I talk with people about what they imagine will happen when they make a change toward wellness — whether that is making better food choices, drinking less alcohol, going to bed earlier, or making time to exercise — so many of them feel resistance when they recognize that their decision to get healthy will... Continue Reading →

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