Capitalizing on Special Days – Grabbing a “NEW” Start and Utilizing it

Did I mention I love my birthday? 😉

An early January birthday comes with a lot of downsides: 

  • “Combo” Christmas-Birthday presents, 
  • No one really wants to attend another party after NYE, and 
  • A lot of belated Happy Birthdays.

So how can I LOVE my birthday? Because the world starts again on January 2nd. No more overpacked holiday schedules, no more kids out of school, no more decadent food and drink at holiday gatherings. Mostly, there are NO MORE EXCUSES. No more reasons to put off what I really want – healthy living, confidence, serenity. 

That sense of urgency found on January 2nd is the gift of my birthday. Finally finished with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’ Day, my birthday proclaims: 

  • “Enough!!” 
  • “It’s time” 
  • “Get moving”
  • “There’s nothing in the way now”
  • “GO!!!!”

What better time to wake up and feel your best life pulling you forward, NOW. No more tolerating mediocrity, no more biding your time. January 2nd is labeled urgent: YOUR LIFE STARTS NOW. Pick up that package and create your own new you.

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